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Topless Beaches Articles

In A Word

Protest over the top Fred Nile has his budgie smugglers in a bind over topless females on beaches. I'd be more concerned about seeing Fred topless on the beach. That would certainly deflate my rubber duck. Kevin Epps, Coalcliff.

Let He Who Is Without Sin . . .

OOPS, he's done it again. The Reverend Fred Nile has caused another stir, this time with a proposal that topless bathing be banned on beaches in NSW. Nile appears to be concerned that the sight of a woman's bare breasts may offend.

Tide Is Out On Body Crimes

MY younger sister told me over Christmas about the time my mother decided to try topless sunbathing. My mother had hit her 40s - about the same age I am now.

The Truth On Perving: Women Are Better Than Men At Controlling Their Lust

Fred Nile's call to ban topless bathing may have been overwhelmingly rejected by the state's politicians, but plenty of women I know think he has a point. Not that any of these women would advocate making toplessness a crime, only that they acknowledge a naked chest can be mightily more

Counter-cultural Cringe - We'll Fight It On Our Beaches

COUNTER CULTURE USA 8pm, SBS: Deeply disturbed by changing trends in American consumerism, Tyler Brule does what any sensible market researcher/sociologist would do: he lobs into Chicago - as the president-elect Obama lobs out. It's sometimes claimed that half the world's problems arise from the conspicuous and profligate consumption more